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Locust Grove Farm Co

Exfoliating Sisal Soap Pouch

Exfoliating Sisal Soap Pouch

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This eco-friendly exfoliating soap pouch is what your body needs! Keep your skin fresh and soft with the perfect combination of natural sisal and your favorite soap. Compostable and sustainable, this pouch will give you the exfoliation your body deserves!

*Now comes in a large, washcloth size too! 

Sisal pouches and washcloths are made of natural fibers which are harvested from cultivated agave plants. Soft when wet, yet gently exfoliating and completely compostable when it wears out!

The hanging loop also allows it to dry faster in your shower, which extends the life of your soap. They are perfect for getting the last bits of bar soap used up when they become too small to easily hold.

Larger bars, rounds or irregular shapes may not fit the best, but you can easily cut bars in half to fit if needed.

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