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Low Waste Kitchen Essentials Gift Box

Low Waste Kitchen Essentials Gift Box

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The kitchen is one of the most wasteful places in our home. From plastic packaged ingredients to plastic sponges. While all plastic isn't avoidable(and that's ok!), I try to eliminate plastic where I can with some handy swaps you may love more than what you are using now!

Bamboo Pot Scrubber: This handy scrubber is something I reach for over and over. It is excellent for cleaning dishes, sinks, the stove, and more.

Vegetable Brush: This brush fits in your palm to scrub those veggies with ease. Its handy size is great for scrubbing all types of produce. 

Pop Up Sponge: Cute as a button and as handy as heck. Made with plant cellulose, they are completely compostable when the usable life is over. They arrive as flat as a pancake and "pop up" when they get wet and boy, is it satisfying. 

Farmhouse Dish Bar: This bar is an extraordinary all around cleanser for dishes, windows, and more. Lower foaming vs traditional dish soap, it cleanses effectively and is a breeze to rinse unlike liquid dish soap.

Swedish Dish Cloth: Highly absorbent and perfect for wiping up spills, countertops and more. These are a great swap for paper towels and a single cloth will last months.

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