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Plant Based Dry Shampoo

Plant Based Dry Shampoo

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Looking for a natural alternative to aerosol dry shampoo?

Dry Shampoos are great for giving hair a break between shampoos, and they're also great option for times when shampooing simply isn't practical. (Waking up late or traveling, for example)

Dry shampoos absorb natural oils, while giving hair more body, allowing you to extend the life of your fresh hair for an extra day or two.

Because it adds fullness and texture to hair, they're sometimes even used during styling on clean hair for a little extra volume and texture!

Applying is a breeze with these eco-friendly shakers! Just sprinkle on as needed, either at night or in the morning, massage in or brush and that's it! Let the natural ingredients go to work! You can also sprinkle some in your palm and apply to the underside of your hair. 

This product is softly scented with bergamot and peppermint essential oils. It's also lightly tinted and suitable for almost all hair colors.

*Each container is filled by weight, some settling may occur during shipping, but each contains 3.5+ ounces of dry shampoo goodness and since it's nearly weightless, it will last ages. 

*Each refill is packaged in a compostable pouch. Just remove the lid of your shaker, and carefully pour in. You can also use a small funnel if you have one. Refill over a piece of paper so you can capture any spilled powder and pour into your shaker!

*Seconds shaker containers have a cosmetic flaw like small dents, scratches etc. These work just as well as the other containers, but in the effort to eliminate waste, we still fill them and pass the savings on!

Ingredients: arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, kaolin clay, brown oxide(mineral pigment), organic cocoa powder, essential oil blend

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Customer Reviews

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Michaela Wetzel

Plant Based Dry Shampoo

Great Products!

I love the dry shampoo in the shaker and will repurchase when I run out. I really enjoy the shampoo bar and there has not been any transition for my hair. Truthfully, I do not like the conditioner bar. My hair does not accept the moisturizing effects.

Brittany Vincent
Buy everything she makes and sells and recommends

Thank me later, k bye

Meagan D
Just buy it already!

I was hesitant to try a shaker dry shampoo over an aerosol but dang.. I waited too long cause I have been missing out! This stuff is magical and smells so good!! Other brands would work best the day before but this works the minute I apply. Seriously!!